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With the backing of so many companies Gun ICE has gone from a concept through to production of this simple yet great idea.

You can read about how it all started here:



With so many people out enjoing the great outdoors, we are now being used by motor bikers, horse riders, adventure cyclists, and even ramblers.

Hunters, pest controlers, hobbist shooters,survival guys, and wild campers.

Parents, children, and even the odd pet has an ICE card.





Orange is now the recognized safety colour for shooters and hunter alike.

In the booklet you write your own information in, from name and address to your allergies and blood group, It even has slots to enter if you hold or carry shotgun or Firearms certificate.

The Ice Cards come as a kit with the clear flexible pouch and orange lanyard, for a great price of just £3.50. and that small amount could save your life.

We also sell the kits as a psares service please look in the shop here:


We have had fantastic support from all of the shooting community, and would like to thank our sponsors who with out there help none of this would of been possible.







 The history of ICE is a great story, in 2005 paramedic Bob Brotchie, Came up with the idea of being able to notify a person or persons family in an emergency situation. Using there mobile phone with contacts listed as ICE- Mum or ICE-1. and following his hard work it has become internationally known.We contacted Bob as he loves great ideas that help support the  ICE idea, and this s what he had to say.


"As an emergency responder, you want to focus on the casualty, especially when they are uncommunicative through illness or trauma. Rapid, uncomplicated access to the next-of-kin, the ability to confirm the identity – whilst alerting the loved ones - is key. With ‘Gun-ICE’, not only is this made clear via the Orange colour scheme, but additional health details can also be made available – fast. And as the founder of the ICE Campaign, I am only too pleased to see this simple, yet so effective additional measure made available, and at low-cost." Good luck, best wishes. Bob Brotchie, Ice Founder.

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